Which lenses are best.....?

The right solution for visual disturbances

Lenses are the most important component of the glasses. They should be of a good optical quality and have excellent transparency.

Fabbrica Occhiali Italiani uses only lenses 100% made in Italy of prime quality.

Following you can find a quick guide to better choose and order your new glasses...

Optical lenses are divided into different categories and sub-categories:

  • Monofocal Lenses (to better see from afar OR close distances)
  • Progressive Lenses (to better see from afar AND close distances)

At the moment this shop only deals with Monofocal Lenses. They can be divided into:

  • Lenses for Long distances
  • Lenses for Close distances (i.e. Reading)


During your order it is essential to specify for which type of use your glasses will be needed;

Specifying it will grant you a correct centring of the lenses for optimum vision.

 After having chosen the type of use of your glasses it is necessary to set different values. The first value to set will be pupillar distance (PD). This, after the type of lens, is the second most important value for an optimal centring. If your oculist has not yet given you this information, you will have to do it (click here to see how it is done).

Now you will have to add the strength (both for right and left eye); to do so you have two choices:


  • Manually add all the values (sphere, cylinder, axis)
  • Attach medical prescription


In the first case the price will be automatically updated (with, eventually, increases due to the lenses), instead in the second case you should wait an email from the Shop before paying.

Lens Index

As soon as you complete this passage you may choose the type of lens for your glasses. (Lens Index)

You can choose from three types of lenses


  • Standard Lenses
  • 1.61 high index Lenses
  • 1.67 high index Lenses

Lenses in 1.5 are always included in the price of the glasses. These are lenses made from an organic material, with an excellent optical quality and are apt for low to almost average strengths. Our advice is to utilize them with strengths between -4 and +4. Over such values the width becomes non-aesthetic and heavy.

For this reason beyond these values (-4 to +4) it is advisable to buy thinner lenses (1.61 high-index).

These lenses are 30% thinner, granting an aesthetic touch and lighter weight, compared to the previous ones. Advised for values from -6 to +6.

Over these values, for the same reasons given before, it is advisable to buy even thinner lenses      (1.67 high-index).

These are 25% thinner compared to the 1.61 high-index and 50% thinner compared to 1.5 lenses.



After having chosen the type of lens, you need to choose the coating to apply on it; the possible options are four:


  1. No coating
  2. Scratch Resistant Coating
  3. Scratch Resistant and Anti-Reflective Coating
  4. Scratch Resistant, Anti-Reflective and Blue Light blocking Coating

1. The first option is a basic lens with no type of coating on it. Usually it is chosen for glasses with occasional use mainly for reading books. It is not recommended for staying at the PC nor looking from afar.

2. The Scratch Resistant coating (Hardening) is a film applied externally and internally to the lens to make it more durable against scratches. This doesn't mean the lens will be invulnerable to scratches, however it will greatly improve the lens durability and resistance to scratches. This treatment is strongly advised.

3. The Scratch Resistant and Anti-Glare coating grants the lens the durability of the Scratch Resistant treatment and the brightness of the Anti-Glare coating.

These technologies grant a sharper vision in any type of condition; repel dirt and facilitate the cleaning of the lens. An added benefit is also a better aesthetic of the glass, without bad reflections that may spoil the look. These treatments for the lenses transform every single lens into a little masterpiece and combine beauty with praticability. Recommended by all Optic Optometrists.

This is already one of the most important decisions, because lenses not treated with Anti-Glare come with a boring problem: they do not stop reflections that become clearly visible on the lens, hindering visibility. These reflections can be even more dangerous and problematic on a wet road or during night-time driving, or even during a face to face conversation with someone where they can see their own image on your glasses instead of your eyes, which can be irritating for the other person. The benefits of an Anti-Glare lens are a better transparency of the lens, a sharper vision without interferences, in every area of the glass, and a more appealing glass.


4. For those of you who spend most of your time in front of a monitor a lens with Blue Anti-glare is suggested. This blocks any blue light that comes from your monitor, diminishing greatly eye fatigue particularly during long periods of time using your PC.

Lens tint and Photocromatic

All lenses can be tinted to become great sunglasses or can become Photocromatic via the Transitions license.

Different colors can be granted to the lenses.

Gray, Brown and Gray-Green are the three most chosen colors for Sunglasses. With saturation of the color to 75% you have a Tier 3 glass, apt for your spare time or great for driving.


The Photocromatic lenses with Transitions technology are perfect for those who would like Glasses both for protection against the sun and for in-door use all on one frame.


They become transparent in dark conditions and then become darker the more they are exposed to stronger light, with all the in-between steps.


It doesn't matter where you are, The Transitions lenses adapt to the light giving you crystal clear vision and right protection.


These lenses are available both in gray or brown. Brown lenses are advised for those who prefer a brighter lens, while Gray is apt for those who find the sun-light problematic.


Warning: Transitions lenses become 1/5 less performing behind a car windshield; to bypass this problem the Transition Xtractive lenses are available.


The Xtractive lenses are available only in Gray tone, and are special lenses that activate also while you are driving giving complete protection in any situation.


Now that you have all the necessary information, the only thing left to do is to order your 100% made in Italy glasses on our Website.

Have a great buy!